Spine surgery: Ortho vs Neuro

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11 Jul 2016 - General

Medicine has evolved into a lot of specialties and subspecialties. Because of this, a lot of subspecialties have considerable overlap. For example, a neurosurgeon or an orthopedic surgeon can both treat surgical causes of low back pain.Neurosurgeons have the advantage of being able to repair the dura and treat intrinsic spinal cord diseases. Orthopedists,on the other hand, have an advantage in terms of arthrodesis and performing scoliosis surgery. In the clinical setting, it is really a matter of who the patient goes to, or who gets the referral. In the Philippines, historically, spine diseases were predominantly managed by neurosurgeons. But in the recent years, the specialty of orthopedic surgery gained more popularity and consequently, neurosurgeons  began losing a lot of their patients to orthopedists. I’d like to ask, in your local setting, who do you refer to for surgical cases of low back pain? When do you refer to a neurosurgeon/orthopedist?

Hi Marinelle, like you said, quote: Neurosurgeons have the advantage of being able to repair the dura and treat intrinsic spinal cord diseases. Orthopedists,on the other hand, have an advantage in terms of arthrodesis and performing scoliosis surgery. The patient should be referred accordingly, depending on the underlying case of low back pain. In my setting, neurosurgeons and spine surgeons work very closely together. Sometimes, they perform surgeries together. For example in spinal tumours, t...
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It has been a dilemma for medical professionals. One ailment with many doctors to treat, acts as both an opportunity and a challenge for the patient and the hospital. For starters, the patient will not understand which doctor to consult. Secondly, the hospital will have to think of people from both specialities while forming the unit of that particular speciality. It all depends on the training and expertise. I personally feel that whichever surgeon who feels that he can do justice to the patie...
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