Body fat does not act as an isulator

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11 Jul 2016 - General

In contrast to popular belief, carrying additional body fat may not play a role in keeping warm. My weight is 48kg. I have a BMI of 19. Whenever I'm visiting a country with lower climate, I tend to get sympathetic looks and I'm often asked if I'm feeling cold or need an extra scarf/jacket. Oddly, I'm quite comfortable with a single jacket when I'm in these countries and had always attributed my ability to withstand cold to my high metabolism rate. I've always also assumes that body fat were insulators, but this new study is certainly very eye-catching.



I find this article interesting yet hard to believe whole-sale as well. Personally I am an endomorph that builds muscle and fat very easily with a BMI of 21. I used to be very heat intolerant when I was younger probably because I didnt exercise much then. I suspect that part of it is just being unacccustomed to the feeling of heat. However after years of walking around hospitals in my warm white coat as a medical student, I have learnt to ignore my discomfort and now am quite resistent to both h...
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Well I find this a bit hard to believe. I have a very thin build with a BMI of just 16. My metabolism is really fast that I have to eat like a ton but I'm still underweight. Reaching a healthy BMI is a dream to people who are ectomorphs with a fast metabolism. My subcutaneous fat layer must be like a few micrometers in thickness. And I find it extremely difficult to withstand cold. I can't swim in a moderately cold swimming pool/river for 10 minutes. and 22 degrees of cold in the air c...
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