Harvard Study Reveals Just How Much Damage Instant Noodles Do To Your Body

Harvard Study Reveals Just How Much Damage Instant Noodles Do To Your Body

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Cheap, easy to prepare and undeniably delicious, instant noodles have become a favorite food in many countries around the world despite its reputation for being unhealthy. Also called instant ramen, the pre-cooked dried noodles packed with flavoring powder and seasoning oil, has often been criticized as a meal devoid of nutrients. Despite the meal being notoriously […]
11 Jul 2016 - General
Oh "madaming masarap bawal" (a lot of forbidden (things) are delicious). haha That article even used a picture of Korean noodles I like to eat. Oh that salty spiciness and ease to make them. I have seen some of our instant noodles products to be enriched in vitamins and they even added Malunggay/ Moringa Oleifera/ Drumstick Tree (a plant with high nutritional properties) into them. Ya like that removes the fact that it is unhealthy. We had a case in the past where a 20 year old male ha...
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"Although it is very bad for health but there's still a lot people craving for these" -- I agree! Aside from noodles being convenient to bring to work or cook at home, it taste that good that we don't even bother if it's healthy or not. There's a saying in Filipino which goes, "Masarap ang bawal", which meant (in a food aspect), unhealthy/forbidden foods are delicious. So, no matter how much research they publish about noodles, I think only people can decide...
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Instant noodles have been the world's favourite food. This is especially true in case of children. In India, instant noodles were launched in the 1980s and one brand made by a multinational company dominated the market for several years. There was some objection in the initial days when some health protagonists pointed out the health hazards of these noodles. But their opposition was lost in the wave of liberal market conditions and the joy felt in embracing multinational brands. A few month...
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