What's in your bag?

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12 Jul 2016 - General

As nurses or healthcare professionals, we normally bring a bag with us to work. I just though it would be nice if we could share the Top 5 things that you can't leave the home without or makes your day incomplete if you haven't got these things in your bag.

My Top 5 Things are the following:

1. Black Pen

2. Memo Notebook

3. ID

4. Wallet (with cash/cards)

5. Hand sanitizer

I though this would be a nice light topic to read as a break from all the medical news we see or encounter everyday. Feel free to share yours. :)

Well, we men almost always have pockets, so many of the things you have said you put in your bags go in my pocket. Unlike you, we don't carry a bag around always so the most important things we keep with ourselves. :D My pen is always in my shirt pocket. Phone, wallet and car keys go in my trouser pockets and I have a mini hand sanitizer in my pocket too. So If I were to list the stuff in my bag, which is often left on the table in my ward, 1) Tablet PC 2) Power bank 3) USB charger (In case ...
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Oh wow. I have a bag organizer which I take out when I switch bags. Now if I have to narrow it down to only 5 things and presuming the scenario that I have a small bag. 1. My Phone- very essential in this day and age 2. Tissue paper- I live in the Philippines. We don't have tissue paper in every rest room. 3. alcohol/ hand sanitizer- again I live in the Philippines. Public restrooms have running water but more often then not no soap (maybe I should bring around soap instead haha) 4. Keys- ho...
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oh! why did I forget about my phone? These days I couldn't live without it. I meant go to work without it as it's my only way of getting in touch with my family while I'm on break or it is always handy for emergency reasons. I might have to cross off the ID really coz I can still get in the building without one anyway. That still makes it Five! And thank you to Dr. Xie and Dr. Inserto (hope I have addressed you right) for sharing yours. I wouldn't have realized that I missed to i...
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Oh my. My bag, ever since, is massive. I cannot live with a small bag because I cannot part with the contents of my bag. What's in my bag? I have my wallet; my big makeup kit; my phone and iPad; a small plastic envelope that has my pen, notepad, prescription pad, personalized stationery; car keys; eyeglass case; a small pouch with my perfume, hand sanitizer and alcohol; and another pouch that contains my chargers, powerbank and believe it or not—extension cord. In College, my bag was like a ...
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My top 5 objects will be 1) Kindle E-Book 2) Ipad mini 3) Wallet 4) Water bottle 5) Paracetamol. I have more than 50 ebooks in my Kindle and I will never get bored. My Ipad mini has all my journals, notes, medical ebooks and pictures/educational videos for my patients. Paracetamol is extremely important as I get headache very often. Wallet does not need further explanation. Water bottle filled with sky juice help me avoid buying sugary drinks and keep me well hydrated. Yeah it is great to talk a...
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