Scientists implicate stem cells in invasive tumours

Scientists implicate stem cells in invasive tumours

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For the first time, the cell of origin of basal cell skin cancer has been found. Scientists revealed this in a recent paper published in Nature. The findings represent the first ever complete picture of cancer genesis – from the first cancer cell to a whole aggressive tumour – at a single-cell resolution.
12 Jul 2016 - General
Hi Aaron! I don't think this finding is surprising because it has been a dictum in pathology that primitive cells, such as stem cells, have greater potential to differentiate into an aggressive tumor. Just as an example, large cell cancer of the lung, which originates from an undifferenitated cell line has a more aggressive course with the greater tendency to metastasize and replicate than well-differentiated cancers, like adenocarcinoma, etc. Because of the factors I've previously menti...
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