New health scheme in India

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12 Jul 2016 - General

The government of India has brought out a new health scheme for the poor and underprivileged section of the society. The people who fall below a certain annual income limit are eligible to be benefitted from the provisions of this scheme. The eligible person and his family are entitled to free treatment till a certain amount per year in a hospital which has been empanelled under this scheme. This is a sort of a public-private partnership where the government has invited private hospitals to be a part of this scheme.

It is easy for a person to get enrolled in this scheme. He only has to provide a recognised document of his income proof. A hospital has to complete certain documentation pertaining to its personnel and credentials before enrolling in this scheme. The entire system of payment has been entrusted by the Government to a National Insurance Company and the Government only pays the instalment premium to this company. There is a system of correct documentation of patient and the surgery done by taking photographs of the surgery and the patient at the hospital end and uploading it to a server for getting authorisation for the treatment.

This scheme has been in place for 2 years. Currently this system provides for advanced surgical treatment and other treatment which is not easily available in the district hospitals. It has been working well in most states in the country. It will be revamped at the end of this year when additional procedures/surgeries will be added into it and certain modifications in the remuneration provided will also be made.

This is a system in which both the parties i.e. healthcare provider and the patient are being benefitted. It remains to be seen how this will work in the long run and whether it will be propagated in the entire country.


Hi Marinelle. This scheme does cover emergency hospitalisation and trauma. The facilities available in a primary health centre and District hospital are currently not included in this scheme because they are anyway available free of cost to the patient. To answer your question Rooy, the amount of expenditure allowed in this scheme is good enough to cover the expenses incurred for a major surgery. Moreover once a patient gets enrolled in this scheme, all expenses in that admission must be covered...
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Hi Amit, I'm happy for your country because the less fortunate members of the society has access to healthcare. I'm just curious if this also includes preventive aspects of medicine such as vaccinations, dental check ups and prophylaxis etc. Is maternal health also covered in the benefits? How about traumatic accidents? To be honest, if there is a chance that I will become the country's secretary for health, (this is close to impossible because I hate politics) I will make a lot of e...
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