Egg freezing: What women need to know

Egg freezing: What women need to know

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Is egg freezing the answer to women’s dilemma about postponing childbirth? The procedure, experts warn, is not perfect. And while it does improve a woman’s chance of conception at a later age, it’s not always a guarantee she will conceive.
12 Jul 2016 - General
Hi! This is a great option for women who have plans to delay childbirth for various reasons like career etc. This is particularly useful for female doctors because we are socially-delayed due to the length of time we spent studying in medical school and specialty training. Personally, I have been thinking if I should do this because I am in residency training and in my early thirties already. I also have plans of pursuing a fellowship program, which puts me in a tight spot in terms of having a f...
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Yes we do! It is called Cryopreservation and their is a center or centers in the Manila area which does this. Now how much it would cost here I have no idea. I would love to know though how much this. Maybe I should shoot a message to one of the centers to get a rough estimate on how much this costs. We have to consider the costs of the procedures itself including ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval and the freezing itself. Then there are the fees of the specialists who will handle the cases such...
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An interesting read! But wow, 10,000 USD is definitely a big fat sum! But it is undeniable that egg cell freezing can be a big hope and another shot at having kids later in life. With today’s infertility rates and women choosing to prioritize their careers before settling down, I’m sure this will offer a solution to many women. The thing is, I’m not sure many will be able to afford this. Would you know if this technology available in Asia and in the Philippines? Hopefully, with rapid technologi...
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This is truly a plight of many women and is very common among those in high powered careers. Choosing to work and excel at it comes with consequences. Many women focus on their careers that their chances at having a family suffers. It is not impossible to have both. There are many women who are mothers of three or four and still keep a full time job in the medical field. Though there are those who never found the time to do so. When women who want to have kids hit 30 and are submerged in their c...
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