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13 Jul 2016 - General

I hope to share some nice books I read recently. The Vegetarian has a very unique, surreal and astonishing plot making it an excellent read. The novel is divided into 3 acts. 1st Act focus on the most uninteresting housewife , Yeong-Hye, who decided against the social norm to turn Vegetarian. That decision turned the entire family into total chaos. The husband threatened divorce, the war-hero father turned violent on her and the brother in law developed an eccentric lust for her. 2nd Act focus on the brother in law who plotted to decceive Yeong-Hye into participating in his artistic venture by posing nude before furthering his advance. 3rd Act focus on Yeong-Hye sister who was totally devastated about caring for a mentally unhinged Yeong-Hye who increasing believe she has turned into a tree and refuses to eat.