Current Healthcare System Unsustainable:  SG Minister of State for Health

Current Healthcare System Unsustainable: SG Minister of State for Health

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In view of the serious challenges coming Singapore’s way, Singapore Minister of State for Health, Mr. Chee Hong Tat has stated a firm view that the current healthcare system is unsustainable.
13 Jul 2016 - General
Hi, I’m not from Singapore, but this is an interesting read. Since majority of the population of Singapore belong to the advanced age group, I think preventive medicine for these subset of patients such be strengthened. Just as an example, there can be free flu and pneumococcal vaccinations, or other vaccines beneficial for this age group. Secondly, efforts should be made to strengthen reproductive medicine to achieve a heterogenous population. Lastly, I agree with decreasing unnecessary paperwo...
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Singapore should focus more on the primary care system. Primary care physician can take a lot of load of tertiary care if they are not overloaded with simple URTI , headache, GE and dysmenorrhea. We need assess to retinal photography, dietician, government laboratory, government pathology laboratory etc. I cannot believe I cannot even do a nail fungal culture and a dysplastic naevus excision biopsy for my patient because they cannot afford private laboratory and I have to refer them to be seen b...
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2 major issues to Singapore's healthcare was raised. Firstly, the increasing amount of unnecessary paperwork which eats up 80% of healthcare workers time working and thus the real time for patients only comprises of less than 20% of the total time healthcare workers. We should cut down on the unnecessary paperwork and focus on clinical care. Nowadays, we see ICU nurses spending more time keying in numbers rather than spending time nursing patients, and doctors typing discharge summaries or w...
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