Stomach Drain for Obesity?

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13 Jul 2016 - General

Last month, the US FDA approved a new surgical device for the treatment of obesity thats refractory to non-surgical forms of treatment. It’s called the AspireAssist obesity device that’s similar to a gastrostomy tube but has a reverse function. Instead of supplying food, this tube is attached to a drain that drains gastric contents after a meal in order to prevent absorption. It is said to decrease caloric consumption by 30%. According to a study, patients achieved a 12% weight loss of their total body weight. In the institution where I’m working at, we offer bariatic and metabolic surgery. One of the surgeries that I’m very fascinated with is laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. Those patients who had this procedure done obtained good results, and are very satisfied with their improvement. One patient even stopped her medications for diabetes because her blood sugar returned to normal levels after a few months. I have my reservations with the newly approved FDA treatment because I think it’s a temporary treatment for obesity. Unless patients will have adapt a lifestyle change, I don’t think this will be effective because eating habits will be the same since they have a drain. It also has the disadvantage of having an external device, with an additional weight to the already obese individual. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is an appropriate treatment for obesity?

Here is the link of the FDA approval:

@Marinelle Yeah I agree. This is a form of gastrostomy so there can be many complications. Acid base imbalance, skin excoriation, skin sepsis, gastrointestinal sepsis, enterocutaneous fistula.. the list may go on. Developers say that it will act as a temporary solution, until healthy dietary and lifestyle changes are adhered to. But obesity is not a medical emergency right? Taking a couple of months to gradually make the necessary changes is not going to cost anything, is it? If they could call ...
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@Rooy: That is precisely my point. I have doubts if this form of therapy will help in promoting healthier eating habits. I think patients are more likely to overeat since they have a drain and food will not get absorbed. @Theekshana: That's also one of my questions that's why I have reservations in supporting this form of treatment. Based on the information on the developer's website, the intention is for users to use this temporarily while making gradual lifestyle changes. This is s...
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Just one question. Why would anyone want this? If I was suffering from morbid obesity with bad eating habits, and was given these two options to reduce weight. 1) Decrease the amount of food I eat 2) Have a hole in my stomach and have a machine attached to it to suck out the stuff I eat, not to forget the fact that there will be a bag attached to it filled with something similar to vomitus, plus this thing needs to be cleaned every now and then. Well, I'm 100% sure I won't have second th...
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