MPS President: “Stop using pharmacists as the “punching bag”; urges dispensing separation to be implemented

MPS President: “Stop using pharmacists as the “punching bag”; urges dispensing separation to be implemented

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Two weeks ago, there were news reported on Malaysian GPs expressing their views pertinent to pharmacies “taking business away” from their clinics – further iterating many pharmacies are now “assuming the jobs of doctors” by diagnosing patients. In an upclose-and-personal interview with Tn Haji Amrahi Buang, President of the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), we hear the other side of the story to the constant debate on “dispensing rights”—as we discuss the Pharmacy Bill and the urgency to fix the national healthcare system—to provide better services, geared towards a healthy society and community.
30 Sep 2017 - General
Thanks for sharing this article. It was a great reading. I truly support the act of dispensing separation. I believe this is for the best interest of the society. It can be done in all the big western country, i am sure that it can be done here in Malaysia. Stop accusing others for small portion of unethical person. When talking about unethical or unprofessional, it can happened in any group of people. As a pharmacist in public setting, i have seen patient with dengue fever was given NSAIDs by ...
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seperation can be done if all parties ( doctors, pharmacist and community/patients) played their roles.. with our patients " pharmacy or doctor shopping attitude", it will be difficult.. I have patient who had high grade fever and decide to went to a pharmacy for medicine.. and the first line antipyretic medicine he gt was T. Diclofenac 50mg.. i was shocked.. there are patients who defaulted clinic follow up and decided to continue the old medication at various pharmacy.. only to come ...
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While I do agree TN Haji Amrahi Buang that pharmacist should play a bigger role, I do believe he should understand that with great power comes greater responsibility. Although pharmacists are trained in pharmacology, they are not trained clinically. Are all fever just a normal fever? Are all epigastric pain benign? Are all headaches tension headaches? Etc. We need to find the cause, not just treating symptomatically.

Are pharmacist trained to come up with a list of differential diagnosi...
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