Those Who Can't---TEACH

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13 Jul 2016 - General

Disregard the title... because I don't believe that at all. In fact, I am posting this because last night I got contacted by an old schoolmate who worked with me in the Student Council and she asked me if I was interested in teaching a few classes in the University she works in. Anyway, ever since I was student I dreamt of teaching. I loved reporting. I loved discussing in front of the class and I admired my brilliant professors (and hated the lazy ones--hihi). That, of course, remained a dream because I have not really made any active effort pursue it. I get curious and I ask "professor" friends how it is--but I've never bothered to take a step closer to this dream, until today. Actually, I feel that the opportunity is coming to me, in a this-is-destiny-on-your-doorstep kind of way, so now I'm confused. 

At the moment I work 4 days in my practice and then I do 2 days in a multi-specialty clinic. I'm thinking I can let go of one day in my own clinic, to devote to teaching, but I'm not really sure. I know the pay for teaching is not good---but it's not really about that at all. For me it's like ticking something off on your BUCKET LIST, you know? When I was in College I used to tutor young Korean students and I had so much fun. I know I would enjoy it too, but this is a whole new commitment.  

What do you think?


Oh Lianne!!! I actually might do it. Today I've spoken to my assistant and we're thinking if we can manage taking one day out of my clinic days and she reckons we can---we just have to be very good with time management. Haha. Next week I am visiting the school and seeing my friend. We're going to talk more about it and hopefully things become clearer once I have all the details laid out. But for sure, I am really very excited for the opportunity. Reading what you said about your expe...
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Oohh, definitely go for it! I've been in the academe for 7 1/2 years and I can say that it truly is a fulfilling, life-changing experience. When I was first called to go into teaching, I actually felt terrified! I had stage fright and was very self-conscious. I worried if I was teaching my students well, if I was giving adequate otes, etc etc. A few months into it however, I got the hang of it and really enjoyed interacting with students. I’m not a doctor or dentist, but I can say that the d...
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Hi Maria! Since I also have a passion for teaching, I can only encourage you to do so. You can test the waters by doing it part-time and see if you will enjoy it. Before I took a leave from residency, I've been teaching Ateneo medical clerks in small group discussions. Its actually circumstantial since their professor happens to be my boss. Unfortunately he got ill and called me to fill in for him. Since then, I've filled in for him several times. It was actually fun to teach young minds...
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Those who can't teach. Pffft. Nonsense. Teaching is difficult. A person can be smart, be the cream of the crop or be absolutely brilliant but that doesn’t mean they can teach. It is an art on how to discuss a topic and pour it into the ever absorbing minds of students. Teaching is a noble profession as well. It doesn’t pay all too well but the rewards of being able to instil knowledge onto other people is priceless. I taught English to Koreans as well, taught in Sunday school and enjoyed tea...
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