FDA, doctors warn of infant sleep positioner suffocation risks

FDA, doctors warn of infant sleep positioner suffocation risks

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Doctors say a baby can roll over on its side in the sleep positioners and suffocate.
27 Oct 2017 - General
It is a must that we should keep our eyes closely to children and most especially to infants. They are prone to sudden suffocation if the surroundings of the crib isn’t cleared from small items, or wrinkled blanket that could possibly cover the infant and may lead to suffocation. Avoid placing items that are small because they may even swallow it and can be a cause of their unexpected death. Sleep positioned should no longer be praised and be used because as human, we need to take care of our fa...
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Meiyi Chu Thank you for sharing about the risk of SIDS with the use of sleep positioners. As healthcare providers, we must be firm in advising patients that positioners or sandwiching infants in between pillows do not protect or lessen the risk of SIDS. It is important to let the infant sleep alone in supine position and refrain from putting potential hazards such as pillows and stuffed toys. We must all promote ...
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