GST, cost of living see more people choosing govt healthcare

GST, cost of living see more people choosing govt healthcare

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MMA chief says 30% spike in number of patients at govt hospitals and clinics, compounded with budget cuts for health ministry has resulted in medicine shortage.
27 Oct 2017 - General
Thank you for sharing this to increase the awareness here in the community. Sometimes, it is kind of ironic to see that there is an increase cut on the budget whereas the taxes are also increasing. Good to see people are choosing government health but as being mentioned by others, the budget is getting smaller and smaller through the years and it could be a reason that it will not suffice the needs of the people. I hope that there will be an increase in budget to accomodate the health needs of t...
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Meiyi Chu Thank you for sharing this post. It is nice to know that more people are opting for government health care in Malaysia because it means that the health care provided is at par with private hospitals; however, it is also unfortunate that a budget cut was made at the same time that a 30% increase in census occurred. Hopefully, this gets resolved in the coming year as it signifies progress in terms of prov...
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