Hospital or home

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29 Oct 2017 - General

Hi all dis post is about hospital vs home for recovery. their is said to be for some kind of aliments even house is better TEMPtha hospital for faster recovery. In dis context we should share the advantages and disadvantages of hospital and house for people for recovery from a disease. me hope dis is pure case by case basis and depends on many factors too.

I think this depends on the patients preferrence because some may want to be taken cared of at home, and some may think they will recover faster when they are at the hospital. The atmosphere of our home could be a factor in making us feel better in a way that you don’t need to think that you are sick, it gives you the relaxing feeling I guess. Whereas when you are at the hospital, we have that thinking of like you are really sick that’s why you are in the hospital. However in emergency situation...
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