Traffic noise increases psychological and physiological stress – study

Traffic noise increases psychological and physiological stress – study

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The collective traffic noises – endless honking, screeching halts, people loudly milling around – have evolved from simple nuisances into potential health menace. They are now factors in increasing risks for heart attack, according to a German study.
14 Jul 2016 - General
Hi You Yi, I agree with everything that you pointed out. I wish a link to the original study was also posted. I'm wondering what the study's primary and secondary endpoints are, and how were they able to quantify the amount of stress, and how they made sure that this is solely attributable to traffic noise. I'm curious about the research design and methodology of this study because it will be quite difficult to prove a causal relationship between stress (since there's no standard...
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Interestingly, this German study showed that the collective of traffic noises can potentially increase the risk of heart attack !!!! And there is a potential plausible biologic cause behind it as well. If this is true, then the traffic noises can potentially be 1 of the cardiovascular risk factor, not only for ischaemic heart disease, but for stroke as well. But, the study only manage to show a potential possible association, and it is definitely not causation relationship !!! And I am not sure ...
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