#Globesity: Slimming alternatives for the obese to power through their weight battle

#Globesity: Slimming alternatives for the obese to power through their weight battle

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Obese patients having a hard time losing weight can now opt for different kinds of alternatives – surgeries, being part of the options – including one that is less invasive to help them battle the chronic disease.
12 Nov 2017 - General
After almost 30 years of struggle, with a lifetime membership at a gym and a record of failure in every commercial weight loss program I’d tried, I reached 340 pounds and had bypass surgery. I’m sure it works for some people, but it didn’t work for me. I only lost 70 of my 340 pounds, and surgery did not address the deadness I felt inside, the constant pain of migraines, and daily nausea and dizziness I was experiencing. I then found a free, 12-step program for food addiction that addressed all ...
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Thank you Claire Carradice for sharing both surgical and non-invasive options for the management of obesity aside from lifestyle modification. It is prudent to consider both options if the patient has multiple co-morbidities that can potentially be controlled adequately after undergoing any of the procedures. I still firmly believe that lifestyle modification is at the core of combatting obesity; hence, patients ...
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While weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery may be more effective for long-term weight loss than is dieting, there is another way... the reason why more and more people are suffering from obesity is because more and more people are leaning to food, just like the drug addict leans towards drugs, to escape and handle stress. It is the root cause which needs to be dealt with - neither dieting nor surgery will address that. A program like the Phat Madame NO MORE! (
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