More cases covered under Philhealth's updated elderly care benefit packages

More cases covered under Philhealth's updated elderly care benefit packages

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Benefits for elderly Filipinos have been updated by state health insurer, PhilHealth, to ensure they will be provided adequate care in their old age.
22 Nov 2017 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing your insights about the pros of having a dedicated geriatric ward. I agree with you that geriatric patients are more susceptible to acquiring infections and having a ward of their own reduces this risk. Moreover, I think that a dedicated geriatric ward can provide for more safety equipment such as handrails in the halls of wards and restrooms and cater to special needs ...
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Securing an exclusive place made exactly for them would give some kind of a positive feeling for their well being. Positivity would I guess contribute to their faster recovery. Also, it would be a way of sorting similar cases, age group and conditions that are alike. Sometimes what happens in other hospital, a ward may contain younger adults, teenagers, some would have pre-partum and geriatric patients. This would contribute to infection control and would not compromise both parties. Geriatric p...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for showing interest in the PhilHealth update for our elderly citizens. It will really alleviate the burden of illness for these individuals and also ensure their safety while admitted in the ward. Having a dedicated staff to senior citizens solely will reduce the risk of giving inappropriate medications. We have to bear in mind that polypharmacy is an important factor to consider with th...
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