A lesson from the Gulf War: Environmental effects on public health

A lesson from the Gulf War: Environmental effects on public health

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Researchers have long believed that Gulf War soldiers were psychologically affected, therefore displaying symptoms similar to patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. New research now shows concrete evidence that the brain chemistry is affected. Researchers believe this was due to exposure to chemical weapons and pollutants. Should healthcare professionals be aware of such illnesses?
22 Nov 2017 - General
Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your thoughts and pointing out that we cannot survive another war in combination with global warming. The rise of communicable diseases is a certainty in this God-forbid situation. For us in the healthcare, we must strive to rationally prescribe antibiotics and further our knowledge with potentially resistant antibiotics in order to keep up with multiple-resistant strains in s...
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Amidst posturing for war by prominent world powers such as North Korea and the United States, world leaders should be reminded that there is no real winner when engaging in a war. Health declines as millions are exposed to toxic substances and chemicals while not having access to clean food and potable water. Neurodegenerative brain disorders have also been correlated with organophosphate and pesticide exposure and other chemicals; hence,the urge to declare ware must never be entertained by all ...
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