[Infographic] 2017 MIMS Philippines Career Survey

[Infographic] 2017 MIMS Philippines Career Survey

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For 2017, we dig deep into the profile of the survey respondents: their years of working experience, their working conditions, as well as their salary ranges. Here’s a quick rundown of the key insights collected through this year’s career survey.
20 Dec 2017 - General
Dear Mark Edmon Tan thanks for sharing this for discussion, here I am happy to see the majority of the audience are towards voted for pharmacy. Being pharmacist I am happy for that and majority of them are 20-25 years only. I want to know from the pharmacist salary means for a fresher graduate in private pharmacy like any retail chain type in the Philippines for comparison Here in my city, the salary is 6000-1200...
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Here is a rundown of how healthcare professionals in the Philippines perceive satisfaction in their jobs. Although most are satisfied with their jobs, more still feel underpaid and overworked. It is no secret that Filipino healthcare workers are one of the most under compensated in terms of salary. Moreover, professionals will be willing to work abroad. I wonder if HCPs in other countries have the same dilemma. For the MIMS community, is there a certain aspect that causes dissatisfaction in your...
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