500 cases of parents rejecting vaccinations from Jan to March 2016: Ministry of Health

500 cases of parents rejecting vaccinations from Jan to March 2016: Ministry of Health

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500 instances of vaccine refusal have occurred from January to March this year according to Deputy Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Hilmi Yahya. The Minister raised concerns that parents’ refusal to let healthcare authorities vaccinate children is potentially dangerous, opening up possibilities of major disease outbreaks which could be fatal.
14 Jul 2016 - General
Marinelle, you got public and individual health confused. Yes we have the rights as an individual with respect to our own body. But a health authority or health board needs to look into the health of the population.
What about the rights of people who cannot be vaccinated but needs herd immunity to protect them? Do you think someone who come in and say they do not need to be vaccinated just because... is more important than those that needed to be protected?
Granted, it is a very diffic...
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Hi Daniel, I don't think it's ethical to impose vaccination as mandatory due to the principle of autonomy. Although vaccination has clear benefits backed up by well-researched scientific data, you cannot disregard the fact that there is still a small probability that a person will acquire complications related to vaccination. Don't get me wrong, I am an advocate of primary prevention and as much as possible I do my role as a health educator in educating my patients about these. Howev...
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I read the reason behind the refusal is that the vaccine is not halal and rumor of porcine material in the vaccine. Law enforcement should really be the last resort. The leaders in the muslim community should advise all mosques the right information to disseminate to the Muslim community. If I am not wrong, the higher authority of Islam in Malaysia has already issued an edict supporting and use of vaccine and excusing the need of the vaccine to be halal. I think the last step will be getting the...
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