The first generation to grow old with HIV are ageing faster

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1 Jan 2018 - General

I feel proud and happy to see the old man still survived with HIV and for sharing his experiences here. Here for discussions, I am posting this news article here that how the situations are gone from the past 30 years. Availability of potent retroviral is plus for him in the prevention of further viral load.

The HIV epidemic is such that there must be a huge number of over-50's out there in such a situation, so I see no reason why specialist homes cannot be built for such a purpose. Not only is it good practice on medical grounds as staff would have specialist training, but there would be no stigma and gay men would have the company of one another. "like parents do with their children for the first 15+ years? "It might sound somewhat ungrateful, but my parents chose to have kids and pl...
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