Zest it up: Unreeling the wholesome flavours and healthy bites of 2017

Zest it up: Unreeling the wholesome flavours and healthy bites of 2017

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The obsession of mouthfuls of natural flavours was seen in 2017. In the kitchen, what was once bland, has become a potent blend synergising a fickle fusion of tradition, nature and health.
5 Jan 2018 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing your interest in this topic. We, the healthcare professionals, should lead the change in lifestyle habits, particularly patronizing fast-food outlets and consuming sugary drinks. Like all other things, eating healthy takes effort to prepare initially. When we get used to preparing healthy food, we can reap the benefits such as less blood sugar spike, increased productiv...
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Madhubabu kaaja Coconut is used liberally in our country in many ways. It can be used as a snack by having the yummy coconut meat. Others prefer to use the coconut milk in order to be added to stews. Some also shred the coconut as dessert toppings. Majority consume coconut water as this is a healthy drink to replenish and replace electrolytes. Coconut is a versatile food that we should remember to take in our dail...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your interest in this articles for foodies and health buffs. One should tpractice variety in their diet in order to take in as many macro and micronutrients as possible. One golden rule for making sure that vitamins are obtained is through making the plate colorful. If one practices this rule, there is no need to use supplementation and other artificial means of obtaining nece...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Thank you for taking the time to read on this article. I am really relieved that more healthy items or food can be conveniently bought by consumers. The main reason for consuming junk or empty calorie food is one of convenience; however, the increase in number of food providers of healthy food negate this convenience factor for most. We should always remember that there is an alternative to cons...
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