Trending the unbelievable in 2017: Fads, fantasies or facts?

Trending the unbelievable in 2017: Fads, fantasies or facts?

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Call it courageous faith or a blind leap, people have gone to the extremes—often bordering on insane absurdities, just to look and feel good, to live longer and better. If the scores had it, 2017 must have been an incredible year where human actions defied logic and madness hit its peak.
5 Jan 2018 - General
Yoni massage has been popular before all the rage in alternative medicine came. Madhubabu kaaja , can you further enlighten us on the practices of Yoni massage in India. India and China are the places (allegedly) where this tantric massage is commonly performed. The female mind has a more difficult time in achieving relaxation but I really do not know if this massage can help achieve that with too much sensual sti...
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Madhubabu kaaja Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article. It may be uneasy for anyone to try out snake massage. I think that the slimy feel of the snake skin alone is enough to dissuade most. As for the safety purposes of participating in this very adventurous form of relaxation, the snakes are probably defanged and their venom has been extracted to ensure the client's peace of mind. That being ...
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Chih Chiang Nieh With the stressors of everyday life exponentially multiplyng as social media rises, we must take time to find methods of relaxation that works for us. One of the best ways to relax and keep our mental state healthy is to find our inner peace with mindful meditation. Meditation comes in multiple forms and prayer is one of them. One should always find the time to acknowledge our thoughts, especial...
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I think that all of these practices are basically modifications of massage and reflex therapy. We all know that massage has a wide range of health benefits that can be helpful for headaches, muscle pain, anxiety and even depression. Maasages can be very therapeutic especially for people who experience chronic pain. It is thought of to reduce muscle tension and improve joint mobility. It can also enhance overall physical well-being and easily relieve stress. Personally, I think that the remedy in...
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