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4 Major Health Benefits of Cycling

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11 Jan 2018 - General

Work-related commuting has become quite a problem – a mere peak during a rush hour is enough for you to realize this. The sad truth is that many of these commuters use lazy excuses for not biking to work: it’s either that it takes too long, makes you feel dirty and smelly, or that you aren’t sure about those rainy days. Well, during the rush hour, you can rest assured that a bicycle will get you from point A to point B quicker than any car, the vast majority of modern offices are equipped with showers, and, as for those really messy and rainy/snowy/muddy days, there’s always a local bus, train or subway.

The best way (and the only way, quite frankly) to make yourself forget about all of these excuses is to realize all the health benefits that come with cycling.

This entry is for those who need just a tiny nudge over the edge and into the world of bicycle health benefits

Time saving

Obviously, obesity and the lack of musculature are a growing problem of the human kind, and some of it is a logical consequence of progress – as we evolve, we increasingly rely on our brains instead of on our bodies. On the other hand, the rules of physical health still do dictate regular physical exercise. The problem here is mainly the time factor – our ancestors had to preform physical work in order to survive, meaning simultaneously exercising while establishing their grounds for survival. Nowadays, the majority of professions feature sedentary or low-movement work, which means that the need for extracurricular workouts is increased. Riding a bike to work (or wherever you may need to go) satisfies the need for physical workouts and improves your day-to-day overall mental health, while not taking too much of your time.

More than a cardio exercise

First of all, a disclaimer: riding a bicycle is a cardio exercise. However, when compared to jogging or sprinting, it affects your body differently. First of all, there is the benefit of taking less toll on your body – while jogging truly is an awesome workout, the impact it has on the runner’s body means that they need to think about limiting their sessions. Cycling, on the other hand, is very forgiving – while it also engages all leg muscles, it is beneficial for human bone structure; it causes less stress on the ankles, legs, feet and knees.

Cycling is also an easier ride than jogging overall, meaning that it puts less strain on the human heart – one of the common jogger/sprinter issues. As a tender activity on the human body, cycling is often recommended during injury recovery.


While not directly a health issue, the lack of motivation is often a shortcut to health-related issues. The main culprit behind a sedentary lifestyle, motivation (or rather the lack thereof) is difficult to come by. Jogging, sprinting, even gym-related exercises are either too difficult for a beginner, or repetitive and boring; which is definitely not an issue with cycling. Riding your bicycle wherever the road may take you (provided that you have time) is a hugely rewarding and fun experience. If nothing, you’ll make it easy for your friends and relatives to find you awesome presents; there’s a ton of cool gifts for cyclists out there that will provide you with motivation!


Let’s not fool ourselves; it’s not the earth that’s really in trouble when it comes to pollution: it’s us! Riding a bike wherever and whenever you can contributes to the global green mindset, which directly influences general human health. Contributing to the eco-oriented mindset always starts with an individual!

Cycling is an awesome activity that can actually save you time, while being more than a mere cardio exercise. As a great source of motivation, this activity brings numerous environmental benefits to the table too.