23 Inspirational Quotes By William Shakespeare!

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12 Jan 2018 - General

William Shakespeare is considered as one of the greatest playwrights, poets, and intellectuals of all time. His plays depict the different shades of human life and his writings translate the true philosophy of a meaningful life. Some of them deserve a mention here:

1.       “It Is Not In The Stars To Hold Our Destiny But In Ourselves.”

Meaning: A successful life is about making the right choices and making your own destiny.

2.       “We Know What We Are, But Know Not What We May Be.”

Meaning: Humans can’t predict what future holds for them.

3.       “There Is Nothing Either Good Or Bad, But Thinking Makes It So.”

Meaning: We see life through the lens of our belief system that we commonly called “perception”. What is right in your perception might be wrong for the other person.

4.       “Love Comforteth Like Sunshine After Rain.”

Meaning: When we are in trouble, we tend to take refuge under the warmth of love.

5.       “All The World ‘S A Stage, And All The Men And Women Merely Players. They Have Their Exits And Their Entrances; And One Man In His Time Plays Many Parts.”

Meaning: Humans have a purpose in life that they seek to achieve in a lifetime. We all serve our role in this world till we breathe our last.”

6.       “Be Not Afraid Of Greatness: Some Are Born Great, Some Achieve Greatness.”

Meaning: Some people are destined to be great, so they can’t help it but do something extraordinarily great and there are those who face hardships to achieve greatness. They are able to achieve greatness with their perseverance, passion, and motivation. In either way, greatness is achievable.”

7.       “A Fool Thinks Himself To Be Wise, But A Wise Man Knows Himself To Be A Fool.”

Meaning: Those who are fools tend to have a high opinion of them, while smart people never stop learning from life.

8.       “All That Glitters Is Not Gold.”

Meaning: What we think as true might turn out to be an illusion when we look deeper into it. So don’t take things at face value and judge them in entirety.”

9.       “Love Looks Not With The Eyes, But With The Mind; And Therefore Is Winged Cupid Painted Blind.”

Meaning: Love is beyond the physicality of things. In fact, it is a bond between two human beings who want to live together.

10.   "Better Three Hours Too Soon Than A Minute Too Late."

Meaning: It is always safe to be early as you can cash in an opportunity only at the right time. When you are on time, you also show that you respect the time of others.

11.   “The Miserable Have No Other Medicine, But Only Hope.”

Meaning: When your life is under crisis, you are only left with hope.

12.   "No Legacy Is So Rich As Honesty."

Meaning: We inherit the traits of our ancestors and it is the legacy that our offspring carries on. Therefore, we should inculcate in our offspring the legacy of honesty.

13.   “The Course Of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.”

Meaning: True love has to tread the path of hurdles and challenges.

14.   “Suspicion Always Haunts The Guilty Mind.”

Meaning: Suspicion creeps into a mind that is contaminated with guilt. When you have done something wrong with others, you tend to look at things through the eyes of suspicion. That’s simple human psyche.

15.   “A Man Can Die But Once, We Owe God A Death”

Meaning: Life is a debt that we owe to God and death relieves us from that debt.

16.   “Love All, Trust A Few, Do Wrong To None.”

Meaning: The secret to living a successful life lies in these three core fundas. So love everyone, confide in only a few people you can trust, and do no wrong with others.

17.   “Our Doubts Are Traitors, And Make Us Lose The Good We Oft Might Win, By Fearing To Attempt.”

Meaning: Doubts impede the progress. Doubts are grown out of fear. When have fears, we tend to stay under the solace of our comfort zone. But when we do it, it happens at the expense of a good opportunity. So believe in yourself and don’t let your fears deprive you of the positive things you can achieve.

18.   “This Above All: To Thine Own Self Be True.”

Meaning: You can do justice to your life only when you are honest with yourself.

19.   “Give Every Man Thy Ear, But Few Thy Voice.”

Meaning: When you are in a conversation with someone, it is important to listen more than speak. By listening more, you can imbibe more meaning of the conversation.

20.   “Show, Don’t Tell.”

Meaning: If you really want to do something meaningful with your life, it is important to do more and talk less.

21.   “God Has Given You One Face, And You Make Yourself Another.”

Meaning: We become an alter ego of our own being to delude the world of our true self.

22.   “There Is No Darkness But Ignorance.”

Meaning: A successful life is all about making your choices based on informed decisions.

23.   “The Empty Vessel Makes The Loudest Sound.”

Meaning: People with superficial knowledge speak more to seek attention.

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