6 Things To Do After A Bad Interview!

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12 Jan 2018 - General


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We all have our share of good days and bad days. A bad interview can mean that something went wrong on that particular day. It could be a traffic jam, an unexpected event, a bad weather or even a wrong answer can turn things against you in an interview room. On the contrary, it can be a bad day for the interviewer and he might want to vent out his frustration on you.

Whatever the case, a bad interview can really be nerve-wrenching and it can make you feel upset and sad. But don’t worry, there are ways you can dilute the effects of a bad interview. Here they are:

1.       Get Yourself Back In The Right Frame Of Mind

A bad interview can have serious effects on your mood. But there is no good in brooding over what have done. Now is the time to do something for the face-saving. Just take your time to calm down and do some positive self-talk. We tend to exaggerate bad experiences and form negative mental images about a bad experience.

Therefore, you need to take it easy and understand that it is not the last interview. Besides, the chances of you getting the job are still alive. You never say for sure if you will or will not get the job.

2.       Do Reality Check

Once you get back in the right mood, you should contemplate about what went wrong in the interview. Were you late? Were you overdressed or underdressed? Was everything alright with your demeanor? Were you answers precise and clear? Getting answers of these questions will help you understand where you bungled in the interview.

3.       Make A Second Attempt

You can hope for a second chance if you can convince the interviewer about your reasons for the goof-ups you did. Just shoot off an email expressing your apology for the behavior along with an explanation. For example, if you were feeling sick then you can cite lack of sleep or fatigue your reasons for being irritable during the interview. Similarly, if there was anything wrong with your appearance, you can show your ignorance with the dress code.

If you think the interviewer was rude and misbehaved with you, you can request him for a second interview. He might be having a bad day and you became the victim of his catharsis. Being a gentleman, you should first send a thank you note to the interviewer and request him for a second interview.

The interviewer will appreciate you for your cordial request and you might get another chance to prove your candidacy for the job position.

4.       Take Help From A Career Counselor

If you are a newbie who has just passed out university and want a job, it is natural that you goofed up in the interview. But now that you have a second chance, don’t make it slip away with your inexperience. Just take expert help from a professional career analyst in order to prepare yourself enough to woo the heart of the interviewer. An expert industry expert can inculcate you valuable things about a job interview and how you can do it successfully.

5.       Make A Plan

After you have done your preparations, you need to make a plan about how you are going to win over the interviewer. Remember that it is your second chance to convince the interviewer, so make sure that you don’t do anything that can turn off the interviewer and he regret calling you again.

Therefore, you need to make yourself geared up for the D day. Firstly, you need to get everything in place a day before the interview. All your documents should be enclosed in a case. The dress should be neatly hanged. The boots should be ready to wear and all other stuff should be accessible before you leave for interview.

6.       Be Positive

It is natural to feel a little nervous when after the first botched interview. But don’t think too much about it and stay positive for the next interview. Take this day as a new day and begin it with a prayer. Avoid taking on any unnecessary stress and stay focused. Just have faith in yourself and you will be on your way to a successful interview.


A job interview is an important thing of the hiring process. If you can win your employer at this stage, the job is yours. Don’t let a bad interview deprive you of a good job and give your best shot for this important part of your job application process.