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The Value of Having a Good Dentist

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14 Jan 2018 - General

Throughout our lives, we try to learn about the world, as well as ourselves in order to have a better understanding of what’s happening. That is also one of the reasons we are independent beings when it comes to many subjects. The more we know, the better we’ll be at taking care of ourselves. However, there are areas and situations where we simply need to have faith that some other people or institutions will take care of us. Some of the fields where we need to have faith definitely are law and medicine. There is absolutely no way to check the expertise of our doctor, lawyer or dentist. Although we simply have to trust them and hope they’ll do a good job, there are still some qualities we should search for in a dentist.


Having one constant dentist greatly contributes to the quality of your teeth and gum care. Why is that? Firstly, your dentist already knows you and your earlier conditions. That means you don’t need to tell them about your history since they were a part of it and know best what’s been going on. Secondly, they also know the way your organism reacts to procedures and drugs and know exactly which treatments would be best for you individually. When you have one dentist for the whole family, it’s even better because your dentist has a clear image and can see a bigger picture when it comes to your present, past and future dental situation. They can also give better recommendations when they’ve known you for a longer time.


Trust is not implied, it is built, which is why we have that fear of dentists. Once you’ve chosen a dentist, you won’t instantly be able to trust them, of course. However, every time they do a good job on your teeth and every time they ease your pain, your trust will become deeper and deeper. Over the years, people make friends with their dentists. Not in a way that they meet up for coffee, but they build some sort of a relationship, they chat and laugh and this is exactly the type of communication that relaxes you and assures you everything will be fine. Trust is a very important factor and that’s why you should choose a clinic that offers all kinds of dental procedures, so that you don’t have to switch dentists. That’s what the amazing people from The Dental Room offer – everything from general to cosmetic dentistry, including sleep apnoea and implant dentistry.


Kids may value a dentist they trust even more than adults. If your children like their dentist, make sure not to change them. Your kids may need to visit the dentist more often than you. There are toothaches due to improper hygiene, eating a lot of sweets, as well as the whole milk teeth situation that demands regular check-ups. That is why your child will be much more eager to see a dentist they know and like instead of a random stranger that is threatening to do something terrible to their teeth. Moreover, if your dentist is truly good, as well as a nice person, they’ll try to animate your children and enable them to get used to the fact that visiting a dentist is not a big deal and that there’s nothing to fear.

Oral hygiene is not to be taken lightly in any way. Besides the perks mentioned in this article, there are general benefits of having a good dentist. They include mutual understanding, a good long-term dental care, financial easements and happiness due to not having problems with scheduling, location, choice of dentist, etc. It simply makes life easier!

Virgilio Montero, whether it is a dentist or a doctor or even a therapist, all must have a record of your history of treatments. If you ever plan to move out of a place or change your dentist, you can get access to these records, and pass them on to your new dentist. For dentists, maintaining electronic health records is actually encouraged. Having the records is important for the dentist as well as the patient. Your dentist would have the following information recorded in your oral health recor...
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Tracey Clayton Thank you for sharing this article. I agree with Chih Chiang Nieh that it applies to all sectors of healthcare profession. Finding a trusted healthcare provider alleviates the anxiety for an individual with illness. This article reminds us to stay inspired when seeing our patients because they put their complete tr...
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