Concerned MOH offers incentives to retain medical specialists in Malaysia’s public sector

Concerned MOH offers incentives to retain medical specialists in Malaysia’s public sector

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An annual increase of resignations from the government sector is due to the public-private sector income disparity and lack of prospects for promotion and progress in their career, according to Health Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam
17 Jan 2018 - General
From 1 January 2018, medical specialists at government hospitals are given one day a week from their official working hours to supplement their income through the three options listed by the ministry, said Dr. Subra mania
The options include conducting industry-sponsored medical research through Clinical Research Malaysia (CRM); lecturing for medical students at public or private higher education institutions; or working in the private sector, taking into account certain conditions including...
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Thank you for sharing this article MOHD RIDUAN ABDULLAH. I am impressed with the strides Malaysia is taking to provide quality medical care and encourage lifestyle change. The Ministry of Health showed that it is very serious in retaining its medical specialists by offering more incentives. Adjusting compensations for doctors should be done in all Asian countries to avoid experiencing the "brain drain of Asia&quo...
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Specialists leaving for private practice do so for reasons other than monetary. I wonder if there has ever been a survey of those who left as to the reason why they left. Allowing specialists to practice one day a week out from their daily work is not likely to change their intention to leave. Rather it will likely compromise services in KKM hospitals.

In closing, most doctors (GP or specialists) do not earn a "salary" when they leave goverment service. They collect a &qu...
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