Malaysia implements 13 health policies, sparking national debate

Malaysia implements 13 health policies, sparking national debate

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A new set of health policies was imposed to curb NCDs and build a healthier Malaysia. While many are in agreement, there are still those who question the effects of the policies.
18 Jan 2018 - General
The program being implemented is quite interesting. Some points are good in helping people to be fit and be on track. Tax exemption to gym, sports complexes and other health and fitness operators would be a better option. As long as it promotes fitness and the likes, it is something to be supported. But banning operating hours until midnight should be taken into consideration. It is a matter of choice for people to eat til midnight and if this is a type of disciplining people, it can be but shou...
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This worth for debate guys. My turn first to these new policies. I realized this months ago in which MOA planned to restrict mamak up to midnight. This already bring to be hot topic to be debate in the communities around me. Do they think about having midnight food at home instead going to those stalls? Also, food delivery services have been popular nowadays which could send our 'favorite unhealthy' to our doorstep. How could government not doing anything for this first before stopping m...
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