[Infographic] Schistosomiasis in the Philippines: By the numbers

[Infographic] Schistosomiasis in the Philippines: By the numbers

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In order to spread awareness about the disease, the DOH has dubbed the month of January as the country’s Schistosomiasis Awareness month. And to help spread the local health department’s cause, MIMS Philippines has prepared an infographic about the disease. Check out the infographic here.
21 Jan 2018 - General
Priscilla Mae Gobuyan Thank you for sharing this article. It is really important to spread awareness about schistosomiasis in the Philippines. People in Ilocos Sur are very aware of this disease and are able to recognize symptoms of the disease immediately. I remember seeing patients who can know the medical term of the disease. They told me that this particular region is well-informed of the disease. Kudos to th...
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