CRISPR: Progress, review—and promise?

CRISPR: Progress, review—and promise?

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Hailed as the best scientific discovery in recent years, there has been a lot of buzz about CRISPR – what it is, how it works, what it can be used for and how tests in animal models have fared so far. Now, scientists in the US are hoping to begin human trials – though, there is a glaring problem.
7 Feb 2018 - General
Dear Priscilla Mae Gobuyan thanks for sharing this news on the community for discussion, significant news as for Singapore being associated with the hereditary altering program, I concur this can conceivably supplant every single therapeutic treatment as the backbone for remedying and forestalling inherited illnesses and hereditary imperfections. in the long run turn into the backbone of treatment for ailments th...
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Chih Chiang Nieh Is your country conducting clinical trials for this gene-editing programs? I agree that this can potentially supplant all medical treatments as the mainstay for correcting and preventing hereditary diseases and genetic flaws. Who knows if this can even stretch beyond the pathologic and enter the cosmetic realm of medicine. With gene editing, we can just about tamper with everything to cater pers...
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Thank you Priscilla Mae Gobuyan for bringing up this article in the MIMS community for discussion. I am curious if there is anyone in the community whose country are currently conducting tests for CRISPR. I am pretty sure that it is not yet done in the Philippines due to strict ethical criteria when conducting clinical trials. I hope that CRISPR turns out to have a high success rate though one cannot expect this ...
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