5 Unique Study Places in Dublin That Aren’t a Library

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28 Feb 2018 - General

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing the best places for you to read in Dublin. There are those times when even going to the library does not help. With the constant coming and going of people as well as the noise of typing, studying becomes quite difficult. Apart from that, you may feel distracted and eager to talk to your friends when you should be studying.

But you’ve no need to go through such a stressful process. Luckily, we’ve discovered some amazing study spots for those living in Dublin. These are just a variety of locations to suit your learning needs and specific requirements. Take a look!

1. Camping Out Near a Coffee Shop

Camping near a coffee shop gives you the perfect energy boost and atmosphere you need for studying, and composition of easy topics for argumentative essay. Why is this unique spot? Well, while you can still create the same environment at home, the coffee shops in Dublin are a little bit different. They serve espresso drinks and completely-menued cafes making them one of the most dedicated and efficient coffee shops.

You can simply order your preferred number of espresso shots and feel free to pull out your notes as you enjoy your drinks. One of the best study joints here is The Fumabally, which is only a short walk if you’re coming from the Griffin Campus. It’s one of the best cafes in the area plus it’s like one of those elegant town coffee shops for college students in Ohio.

Its interior is beautiful with a rustic dining area, decorated with mismatched furniture and obscure miscellanea. In the reading area, the coffee shop has comfortable couches and armchairs. It’s just perfect if you want a place to study for long hours or for leisurely reading.

There’s also the Brother Hubbard coffee shop which will suit you if you prefer reading somewhere with fresh air that’s not in the outdoors. Once you visit this spot, order all that you want and proceed to the covered and heated patio!

2. The Dublin Chester Beatty Will Inspire Your Reading

Although it’s not a normal study place, it still qualifies as one of the best reading joints on this list. It simply gives you a controllable urge to keep on reading as you go through the vast collection or reading snippets, amazing artistry and literature narratives.

While it uses innovating technologies in its galleries, there’s a downstairs section is specially made for those who want some additional study time. It has free access to WiFi which can come in handy when you need to get some help online.

All these put together with several small tables for an improved reading space make the Dublin Chester Beatty an excellent spot. In the upper section, you’ll enjoy special reading nooks together with comfy couches to rest on if you get tired reading. There’s even a rooftop-garden that’s perfect for those sunny or calm days.

3. You Can Also Study in a Suitable Pub

Of course, this sounds like the last place that you would want to study. However, you only need to choose the right spot! The best thing to do is to go earlier and start making the right preparations. You might even be surprised at how the productive your study gets. The long hours, snacks, and cool atmosphere, as well as low lighting, give you one of the most suitable environments.

If you decide to study here, choose the place with the tasty foods to give you enough reading strength throughout the day. It should not have full menus so as not to encourage large crowds of people. Besides, if you like taking study breaks especially during long reading hours, choosing a pub comes with additional perks. During the afternoon, you can take a breather and enjoy the music from local musicians without the crowds and hype that come with normal pub performances.

4. Studying in a Restaurant

Sadly, here you’ll have to spend some more money. Despite this, choosing the best place is worth it but comes with a few challenges. For instance, not many restaurants are ready to give up their tables for a long time just for you to study. So, the best thing for you to do is look for special deals at places like Boojum or Wok Inn Noodle Bars and you’ll easily get an efficient student-friendly joint. Look for upstairs seats or those next to the windows, grab a noodle bowl and study throughout the day!

5. Go Outside!

Dublin’s has a notorious and unpredictable weather which makes studying quite difficult. So, if you don’t want something like strong winds or rains interrupting your learning, have a backup indoor spot. Even so, you can study comfortably at the Dubhlinn Garden which is next to Chester Beatty Library. It’s simply a small and quiet park with beautifully packed benches.

You’ll even enjoy its memorial garden with amazingly decorated stone walls which enclose it from the activities of the city. Furthermore, it has a rather soothing nature of the flowing stream which gives you a suitable relaxing spot when reading.

If you desire a more energetic spot, choose temple bar in the day as its calm nature allows you to just enjoy your studies. It does this and still manages to give you the extra excitement coming from street buskers and open markets. Lastly, you can also have a taste of some live music to introduce you to the life and style of Dublin while still hitting the books.


Finding a place to catch up with your studies is not always easy. Remember that picking a public place with few to no people is an even greater challenge. For those living in Dublin, choose any of the five spots we’ve highlighted. For those coming to study in this great city, carefully go through the above learning areas and you’ll have one of the easiest study experiences with a vast access to technology!

Which is your most preferred study spot on this list? Whichever place you choose, ensure that it suits all your study needs. You may prefer a place with a connection to the outside world or one which encloses you only to the indoors. Some also like studying in an area with some minimal noise while others love total silence as they read. So, where do you fit in? Know what you like today and start enjoying such unique study locations straight from Dublin!