HKU Medical Grand Rounds: What all clinicians dread

HKU Medical Grand Rounds: What all clinicians dread

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This case scenario was presented at a grand round in the Department of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong. Unlike traditional grand rounds that directly or indirectly deal with clinical challenges posed by patients, this one was equally about doctors and how they care for their charges. All doctors who tend patients dread being implicated on the receiving end of medico-legal proceedings. This topic is therefore intimately linked to the professionalism of doctors, their standing in the community, and the ethical aspects of how they interact with patients and relatives.
14 Jul 2016 - General
I had a medico legal case which dragged on for 2 years. I won eventually against the patient but it took a heavy toll on me during that 2 years . I questioned my devoting to patient care and my career choice during those 2 years. However, I came out stronger eventually after the verdict and realized there are certain things in this career path that is unavoidable- complaints and lawsuits. Recently a very prominent liver surgeon was sued for a successful Whipple operation but the biopsy of the pa...
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Hi Vincent, definitely no healthcare professional likes to be under legal scrutiny. It gives off a lot of psychological stress and it adds time-consuming obligation that nobody wants. About the case that was mentioned in the article, I think both the patient and the doctor have shortcomings. For the patient, if she had no improvement from the prescribed treatment, she has the option of seeking second or third opinion from other doctors. Just the fact that she waited two years and endured all tho...
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