Living the digital world—are we getting lonelier?

Living the digital world—are we getting lonelier?

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As we converge on the digital globe, we have undoubtedly become more informed and more connected. Yet, amidst the boundless global connections, we are on the verge of an isolated existence, distancing ourselves from the ones who need us most, often disabling rather than enabling lives.
28 Feb 2018 - General
Madhubabu kaaja, thank you for sharing your opinion and thanks for sharing this information on here. In some sense we are becoming "lonely" as there are more faceless communication, but this is the draw back for having things more conveniently. "Yes, we are becoming lonely and we are spending only on gadgets. Delayed dejection is unfavorable to well being, and is regularly connected to poor psychological well-being. The documents of the patient are safely kept secret, book arrange...
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The data collected and stored in the virtual world can be readily available and with inadequate security, hackers can actually enter the system and obtain all confidential information. "It is really great to see how our technology made things easier. The files of the patient are securely kept confidential, book appointment is one click away, the online prescription is available anytime, anywhere, and monitoring patient is much easier. This is just a few of the vast improvement of our techno...
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Jemelyn Mae Sodusta, I have to agree with you on the comment on the fact of the drawbacks of the IT world. "This might be the advantage of having everything virtually. However, in every positive effect, there is always a fallback. That It makes people missed what is the true conversation is. In fact, according to study, a hug can strengthen the immune system which only means that a virtual conversation should not be the top option instead it will be used when it is needed.": Actually t...
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Same as for the medical world. The article was trying to convey that we are lonely because there is no desire for people to make face to face conversation? Actually the answer is no. I do like this quote :(Evidently, “digital healthcare is not about the technologies,” according to David McKeering, PwC Global Healthcare Markets Leader of PwC South East Asia Consulting. “It’s about new ways of solving healthcare problems, creating unique experiences for patients and accelerating healthcare provide...
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