PH: Foreign experts to help probe on dengue-related deaths

PH: Foreign experts to help probe on dengue-related deaths

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Five to seven experts have been referred by the World Health Organization to help the Philippines in its investigation of deaths related to the anti-dengue vaccine, Dengvaxia, the Department of Health has announced.
1 Mar 2018 - General
Madhubabu kaaja - hope you guys can take a seat with the Department of Health in the Phillippines to fight dengue. "Sameway again made clear our eagerness to taking a seat with the Department of Health to discover different ways we can help their endeavors to battle dengue in the Philippines and reestablish open trust in immunizations. The office has asked every one of its undersecretaries, enlisted specialists and representatives to 'unveil and deal with' their irreconcilable situa...
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Madhubabu kaaja, thank you for sharing your comments. "When the association can do is to screen those youngsters who got the dengue antibody and teach them. The specialists will originate from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, United States and the United Kingdom, and WHO will likewise support their visit set in mid-March." In the view of public health, it may be too costly to screening every single youngster for dengue antibody, instead, it should be an optional thing for people to pay t...
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I agree with your suggestions Jemelyn Mae Sodusta: "Hopefully, the DOH can come up a good campaign that can portray the effectiveness of other tested and proven vaccines. Dengvaxia should not be the focus of DOH. The damage has been done. What the organization can do is to monitor those children who received the dengue vaccine and educate them." I believe that the government should not go around harping on the mistake, just admit the failure of this vaccine and that it should not be us...
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