The 6 Superfoods to Boost Your Immune System that You Didn’t know About

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12 Mar 2018 - General

With the cold months still upon us and the flu season in swing, it’s more important than ever to make sure our body’s defenses are up and running. Not only is it important for us to boost our immunity system to fight off the flu and viruses, but it will also make us feel so much better. When you are healthy and your body is prepared to take on the world, you feel more energy, you’re focused and you will be able to accomplish your tasks easier. And these are the surprising foods that will boost your immune system this season:


Yogurt might seem like a pretty common food that doesn’t really do that much, except thicken our smoothies. However, yogurt is full of good bacteria which are key for a healthy body. Our immune system mostly comes from out gut, and if we don’t have good natural flora in our gut, we are more prone to viruses. It is also a good dose of protein that helps you produce antibodies to fight off any viruses. Eat yogurt for breakfast with some fresh fruit for the vitamin kick, and your body will thank you later.

Sweet potato

When thinking about vitamins, most our minds will quickly jump to fruit – especially citruses. And while those certainly contain a lot of vitamin C and should be a regular part of your diet, there is another surprising source: the sweet potato. Not only is it high in vitamin C, but also vitamin A, which is crucial for your mucous membranes in the nose and throat. We are surrounded with viruses and bad bacteria every day, and the mucous membranes are our first defense against it. For an easy way to enjoy sweet potato, chop it up with other root vegetables of your choice and sauté it in a pan with non-stick titanium cooking surface, like the Scanpan chef’s pan, to ensure you don’t have to use too much oil. Add herbs and spices and you’ve got yourself an easy lunch or dinner.


There is a good reason for why berries have such a high status among the superfood groups: they are the food that has more antioxidants than any other, and as we all know, antioxidants are crucial for fighting off diseases. A common berry you can find and enjoy is blueberry, perfect raw, for use in baking, or in smoothies. But blueberries can take a step to the side because the acai berries are taking the spotlight, packing in 22 times more antioxidants than our previous favorite. They aren’t always easiest to find, but they are well worth it.


Yet another reason to pack trail mix for a midday snack, nuts are considered one of the immunity-boosting superfoods because of their high content of vitamin E, zinc and good fat. They are easy to mix in with other foods, so you can sprinkle them raw over salads and parfaits, but if you want to ensure they go down well, you should soak and dry them first. They are also a great alternative to meat for any vegetarian or vegan people, as they can be transformed into delicious nutloafs and raw protein balls.


This yellow monster is the new kid on the superfoods block, and it is there to stay. It is very high in vitamin C but, more importantly, it contains simple sugars that are linked to improving immunity. Besides this, they help with preventing thyroid problems, reduce blood pressure and aid digestion. It’s not easy to get raw, but pre-cut and canned is just as good. Use it as a meat substitute in recipes or let it star in the dish. For some, it might be an acquired taste, but one that you should try to get used to.

Noni fruit

A brilliant Polynesian food you’ve probably never heard about, the Noni fruit is by some considered to be magical because of its health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory and boosts your immune system, but you don’t want to eat it raw. It is usually processed to get a juice or concentrate, and then consumed throughout the day for its therapeutic effects. In China, the fruit root is thought to be useful for encouraging bone and joint strength.

But superfoods aren’t magical, and we can’t expect to become healthy after eating one sweet potato. Instead, it’s the type of food that you should do your best to include in your daily diet, building up your immune system over time and then keeping it on a high level, which is especially important for kids and immune-compromised people. With all of these, it is important to stay hydrated, since a dehydrated body can’t absorb the goodness from the food we eat nearly as well as one that is well hydrated, so add “water” to the top of the superfoods list.

Madhubabu kaaja I am quite surprised that jackfruit made the list. I thought that jackfruit was just full of sugar since it is a really sweet fruit. The yellow wonder food is also abundant in the Philippines and our countries should start utilizing them more often. It is currently being used in our country as a filler for turon (banana and jackfruit wrapped in a breading and deep fried with caramel glaze). Though ...
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