When was the last time you had an interview??

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14 Jul 2016 - General

I could still vividly remember my lecturer’s advise on things that we should prep ourselves before/during

the interview. Just what I need, a rapid-fire self-esteem boost when I’m minutes away before I enter

the room with the interviewers.


1. Pay attention to posture

Stand or sit up straight. Even if you don’t have enough time to change anything else about your

appearance, shifting your posture is enough to make a huge difference.

2. Smile

If we do something that is associated with an emotion, the action itself will somehow trigger the

same emotion in our brains

3. Think about the worst outcome

This may sound rather negative, but when you realize that even when the result disappoints you,

your fear will immediately subside

4. Listing your skills

Make a list of your skills, experience, strengths and weaknesses that relate to the job for which you

are interviewing

5. Research

This is the key point that job seekers should note, before any interview take time to learn about

both the job and the company. This will help you to display your keen and knowledge towards the



All the best!!

Yes peeps! all your input are true. We should always come prepared for an interview. I think it is a natural thing to prepare oneself physically and mentally before an interview. I have not come across someone who would just go for an interview blindly without preparing him/herself. That would definitely be a disaster! Knowing your future employer can also add on as a advantage to show your full interest to the company. This will automatically pull you up to another level. Wearing the proper clo...
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The last formal interview I went to was for my position in the multi-specialty clinic. To prepare for these things, you do so from inside and out. You have to dress appropriately which means you look the part, you look presentable and confident, but you should remain humble. Anyway, I always rehearse possible questions in my head because it helps to relax your actual answers, but I do not memorize because you want it to go as casual as possible—to bring out your personality not your robotic skil...
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When you really want the job you will come prepared. Being professionals we know that do well on an interview we have to behave and look the part. Look like you took a shower and combed your hair and know your resume. We all get nervous so I think trying to completely remove this may not be possible. It is good to practice ahead of time though with someone especially someone who has experienced interviewing people. That may just remove some of that nervousness. I know I get my share of stage fri...
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I guess we all have been through a lot of interviews to be in the job where we are right now. Looking back, I would always feel nervous thinking about having an interview but once I'm in the room with the interviewers, the feelings of nervousness usually goes away. Why? because the interviewers welcomed me with a smile and made me feel very comfortable. It wasn't a very formal interview wherein the boss would ask you question then proceed to another one with no emotions at all. My advice...
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My last interview was with a beauty salon group in Singapore about operating their Q-switch Nd-YAG laser for their beauty palour-clinic as well as giving platelet -rich plasma soft tissue injection for their physio clinic. I initially took up the appointment, but after much consideration on the ethical aspect of PRP injection ( which has poor evidence ) , i decided to tell them the local medical council has told me I am not suppose to conduct such procedures. In Singapore, there is an increasing...
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In any form of interview, I think preparation is the key. For professional/ academic applications, aside from researching about the company's basic information, applicants should also be prepared to answer certain questions like, "What can you contribute to the growth of this company?" Also the applicant should practice communicating his/her relevant professional experience in a formal and eloquent manner. Also, the manner in the way the applicant conducts his/her interview in term...
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Going for an interview for a job or a position will be a challenging task. In order to success in getting through the interview and get the job, we need to put a lot of efforts in preparing for the interview. We need to familiarise ourselves with all the small details in our own CV. A lot of research need to be done with regards to the job/position advertised and the company, so that we can ally ourselves, to explore our strengths and advantages for the job/position. And we should be preparing...
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