Best 2016 Summer Books for Doctors

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14 Jul 2016 - General

There were recent discussion on the MIMS community about books, and then I saw this article on Medscape. It's titled Best 2016 Summer Books for Doctors, but I'm sure all of you in the healthcare sector could enjoy and benefit from reading these books. The book 'Into the Magic Shop' by James Doty looks particularly interesting.
"The book's subtitle is A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart. Dr Doty's mindfulness alphabet has been a great way to focus myself, carrying why I became a doctor into each encounter with patients." Any of you have read, or looking forward to reading any of these books?

I've just read "Mountains Beyond Mountains" by Tracy Kidder. Its about the inspiring story of Dr Paul Farmer, a Harvard infectious disease specialist and medical athropologist who decided to travel and engage his medical practice in depressed areas of the world, like Haiti, Cuba etc. Its a good read for doctors because it reminds us that dedication and perseverance can make a difference in the medical world. Currently I'm reading an old environmental classic called "Silent...
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Into the Magic Shop : A Neurosurgeon's True Story of the Life-Changing Magic of Compassion and Mindfulness. I just did a search on the book in on the book. It is about how a trip to a magic shop during childhood inspired a boy to become a top neurosurgeon. I usually try to avoid topics on medicine during my leisure read. It is like stepping back into hospital and medical school. Right now I am reading "Thinking Fast and Slow " by Daniel Kahneman a psychologist....
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