Exercise and Primary Dysmenorrhea

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15 Jul 2016 - General

Dysmenorrhea: monthly bane most women suffer as an appendage to their womanhood. Ever since I was a teen ager, speculations about exercise and relieving monthly primary dysmenorrhea has been circulating around among the nonmedical and, when I was in college, medical folks. Despite of this, I realized I have not heard any lecturers or read from our Gynecology book enough information regarding the effects of exercise on dysmenorrhea.  I had been wondering for so long, and so far, my online search showed that there is insufficient data regarding exercise's benefit regarding alleviation of primary dysmenorrhea. Sure, endorphins help a lot, but to what extent?

Hi Leothel, I have never encountered an gynecologist or any medical practitioner who recommended exercise as an adjunctive therapy for dysmenorrheal pain. In fact, it is common practice among women to stay in bed and avoid any physicial activities that could potentially worsen the pain. There is a systematic review published in Cochrane last 2010 that concludes that there is some evidence that exercise (based on Moos' Menstrual Distress Questionnaire) resulted in a sustained decrease of symp...
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I myself suffered almost every month from dysmenorrhea, and sometimes even had to miss school and work because of the horrible cramps. I think I came across several (non-scientific) articles that claim that there are some exercises that can decrease the severity of the cramps. I haven’t tried any of these; however, I think I observed one or two instances where my dysmenorrhea wasn’t quite as severe when I became more physically active (such as practicing dances back in school or when PE classes ...
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