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15 Jul 2016 - General


I came across this link from a friends social media profile and thought it is a good read to share. I, for one, is not an advocate for herbal products or supplements. As healthcare professionals, we are aware of the damage that herbal products may cause to our body. However, with marketing and creative advertisement, people may still opt to take these products without medical advice. In this age, social media plays a vital role in spreading information so I think sharing things like this to the general public would make them more aware of things and may reconsider their actions. 

But that's the common inclination, though, people think that it's natural so it's safe(r). My father used to love his herbal medications. He would spend hours online researching on these herbs, listing down benefits on post-its, you'd think he's studying for an examination. There's too many of them--all claiming to be good for you, it's really quite difficult make a decision about them. I think they really should be taken seriously—like one would a regular pill. It sh...
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