Do You Prescribe Probiotics?

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15 Jul 2016 - General

There are many forms of probiotics that are available in the market. They come in the form of dietary supplements, food (yogurt), and milk. Some studies show that probiotics are helpful in preventing recurrent bouts of diarrhea caused by infections, functional bowel syndromes and antibiotics. However, there are no guidelines or recommendations with regards to dosing, frequency and length of time that these should be given. There’s also lack of evidence in terms of defining the population who will most likely benefit from this treatment. In my medical practice, I personally do not prescribe probiotics. Although I have observed that a lot of pediatricians prescribe this for patients with diarrhea and gastroenteritis. Do you prescribe probiotics? If so, to whom do you prescribe it, in what form and dose? Have you observed patients who benefit from it?

Probiotics work by balancing the levels of microorganisms in the intestines. They drive down the numbers of harmful bacteria. They also seem to boost the body's immune system. There's good evidence that some probiotics may be helpful in treating irritable bowel syndrome, some types of diarrhea, colitis (particularlyulcerative colitis and including the difficult to treat "pouchitis" found in ulcerative colitis), acne, and eczema in children. They may also be used with antibiotic...
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Hi Ziwei, thanks for sharing your practice. I don't prescribe probiotics because I am unsure of its utility. However, from everything that I have read, several meta-analyses published in peer-reviewed journals that proves its utility in preventing traveler's diarrhea. In 2004, a Cochrane review showed that it prevents Traveler's diarrhea and the duration of diarrhea. Although the review did not specify which probiotic was used. My interest on this topic came about when I encountered ...
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I do prescribe Lactobacillus for mild diarrhea especially in pediatric and elderly. Bifidobacterium animalis ( Dannon brand ) for my irritable bowel syndrome patient. Any probiotics for bacterial vaginosis. My patients taking Bifidobacterium animalis seems to report better bloatedness . Bacterial vaginosis i am not sure as I usually treat them with antibiotics at the same time. Mild cases of diarrhea I am not sure too. Seems like not making a big difference to the patient. Do you have other advi...
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