15 meeting etiquette rules every professional needs to know

15 meeting etiquette rules every professional needs to know

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15 Jul 2016 - General
Hi Alan, for business/professional meetings, I think it's okay to ask relevant questions right after the speaker has spoken. Of course its common courtesy to wait for the speaker to finish first prior to asking a query. For more formal occasions like conferences and professional lectures (usually held at hotels), usually there is a designated time for inquiries. It may be after a certain topic of after a series of related topics. About saving questions until the last minute, it can be percei...
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I think most of the countries around the world agrees with this but to a certain extent. For example regarding interrupting a speaker to speak in a meeting, this will always be a general thing that it is rude. But when a question burning in you that you know you can make a difference, i think that person should speak up and make the stand. I am sure some of our peeps here are the shy ones who wont speak aloud, but in a meeting you need to understand that all ears are on you when you speak or rai...
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This is a useful guide for all healthcare professionals. Although the article suggests to avoid crossing legs because it could be “distracting or even too sexy”. I’d like to disagree because there is an elegant way to cross one’s legs without being distracting or looking unprofessional. In the Philippine setting, eating during meetings is unavoidable because for every gathering (social or professional), food is almost always served. I’m always guilty about leaving my phone out because its been a...
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