A pause before writing a patient off as being non-compliant

A pause before writing a patient off as being non-compliant

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Being an inpatient can be an overwhelming experience for many patients, as they lay awake on hospital beds not knowing what is in store for them. All they want is out and to live life like they used to. As a result, they may come across as being non-compliant with their treatments and medication intake. Here are 3 things to bear in mind when handling patients.
15 Jul 2016 - General
With the long lines of patients in our out patient clinics and our busy schedules, it is easy to label patients as noncompliant and blame them for not attaining out treatment goals. We often ask about compliance with medications/lifestyle advise and emphasize its importance but most of the time we fail to recognize the underlying cause for noncompliance. Depression is a prevalent comorbidity among patients who are medically ill most especially those who suffer from chronic illnesses and is one o...
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Medication counseling is something that we often miss to address when we treat our patients. In a busy ward setting, having to look after a few dozen patients, in a way we're pressed for time to give each and every patient all the knowledge they need about the medicines they take. But at least for the ones whose compliance to medication is very important for control of the disease and prevention of complication, (For example a patient after coronary angioplasty following an acute myocardial ...
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Especially when you are taking a long list of medications throughout the day, the routine just get very tiring. I don't think anyone will truly get used to taking medications because first of all, it reminds them that they are sick. When my father's condition was dwindling and he was getting tired of the medications, it was really hard to make him take it. You have to empathize with them too and cannot lecture them by simply saying: "You need these medicines". Empowering patien...
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