4 cases of common drug knowledge that somehow tend to surprise patients

4 cases of common drug knowledge that somehow tend to surprise patients

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Medication counselling forms a big part of a pharmacist’s daily dispensing activities. Although certain drug information may be considered common and trivial for some patients, these may be very new knowledge for others. Here, we look at 4 common pieces of drug knowledge that may take your patients by surprise.
15 Jul 2016 - General
Being a pharmacist, I have heard of cases where patients really have no clue with even simple drug administration instructions! I’ve hear about a patient who attempted to swallow a lozenge (ouch!) and even a suppository (oh no!). Some patients even insist that another brand of the same drug is entirely a different drug, and refuse any generic substitution. Just a few minutes of patient counseling by the pharmacist should have been enough to give the right instructions and information but sadly, ...
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All so true. I don't remember that House episode although where the patient used the inhaler like perfume. Though that is believable as weird as it sounds. We had patients in the community who were taught how to apply a condom by demonstrating the application on their finger. Believe it or not but there are cases where they really just applied it on their finger instead of the organ it was designed to be placed on to prevent pregnancy. @Ziwei: That is real harsh about the mother telling you ...
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Yes I totall agree with this article. I have so much difficulty explaining to patient that switching amlodipine 5mg to irbesartan 300mg is not going to crash their BP 60 times over. I usually do not have much difficulty with the well informed patient who will at times even suggest to me the anti hypertensive to switch them to, I also have difficulty convincing patient the much touted effect of certain medications is not true. I have so many patient asking for serratiopeptidase for all sorts of i...
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