What are the challenges in career progression ??

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16 Jul 2016 - General

During medical school, the aim of finishing through the long and rough journey in college is the dream of each and every of medical student. But, this is just the very beginning of long journey of becoming a well trained doctor. The internship will be the next challenge to bring the joyful medical students who just graduated into the real medical world. The journey may get tougher and tougher when they progress further. There are a lot of hurdles to get through like, imprvoving the CV by doing research, presentation , publication, doing course / diploma / master degree / MD or post-graduate exam like MRCP, in order to be competitive in the interview of specific post-graduate training shceme in order to get into the scheme. I am sure this is the journey of most doctor around the world. Different people may face different kind of challenges along the way. What are your challenges along the journey ???    Do you think this is a tough pathway to go through?

Hi Marinelle, yes I would agree with you. There are a lot of obvious and sometime hidden obstacles along the way of career progression in medical world. I would say the challenges will be differed from country to country. A common obstacle will be very limited places or positions for training scheme, like your neuro-surgical specialty. If there are a lot of qualified and suitable candidates applied for the limited positions in specific training scheme, it will also be hard for the panels to make...
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Despite all the time and effort one has devoted for his career, sometimes its really tougher to make professional advancements than expected. Personally, I encountered numerous challenges when I was applying for subspecialty training because there are only a few accredited training institutions for neurosurgery in the country. Aside from that, when I was an applicant, I realized that its hard for women to get into this subspecialty because of gender bias. I had to make extra efforts into proving...
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