Treat sepsis 'the same as heart attacks' - BBC News

Treat sepsis 'the same as heart attacks' - BBC News

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Suspected sepsis in patients must be treated as an emergency in the same way as heart attacks are, England's health watchdog says.
16 Jul 2016 - General
Sepsis or potentially septic shock is a medical emergency that required immediate management and treatment. If not, patient will deteriorate rapidly, resulting in end organs damage, and possibly mortality. I would say every medical doctor should be well equipped and comfortable to manage a patient with septic shock. As always, the initially resuscitation (airway, breathing, and circulation) will be vital with urgent administration of appropriate antibiotic (may require antibiotic with wide spe...
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I agree with this article that sepsis should be treated with the same urgency as treated someone with heart attack. In our institution, infectious disease specialists and critical care specialists teamed up to create a “Sepsis Pathway”. All patients coming in at the ER are screened and if found eligible, they undergo a panel of tests as suggested by the pathway. Although the tests are not mandatory, if a clinician decides to eliminate a suggested test, he also has to specify why it was eliminate...
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