These days, fecal transplantation is no joke

These days, fecal transplantation is no joke

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Fecal transplants are increasingly being used to treat certain human illnesses and more scientists have begun to research the transplants' effects in animals.
16 Jul 2016 - General
Thanks for the information You Yi! I've done my research and apparently there is a more acceptable name for fecal transplantation. It's called bacteriotherapy. In 2013, the New England Journal of Medicine published a research which showed that fecal transplantation is more effective than oral vancomycin in preventing further recurrences in individuals who have already had recurrent C. difficile colitis. In large centers in the United States, it is only being offered for recurrent C. diff...
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Yes, actually faecal transplantation has been around for while (few years). There are a few randomised control trial looking at different aspect (different techniques, indication) of faecal transplantation. The recognized indication for faecal transplantation is resistant , difficult to treat clostridium difficile infective diarrhoea. The theory behind the faecal transplantation is to use a healthy donor faecal, that contain normal colonic microbiota into the recipient, to replace the good bact...
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I found out about fecal transplant through a British documentary. This was about a patient who was suffering from a drug resistant C. difficile. After finding out that the flora of her daughter's GI was healthy, they had a fecal transplant after her daughter agreed to be the donor. She did improve and I have heard of other successful fecal transplant stories. I also remembered that there are ongoing studies that wants to transform it into a pill form, so that it looks like a probiotic but, l...
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I think I've seen a similar case in Grey's anatomy wherein an immunocompromised patient needed a fecal transplant. Even as a healthcare professional, I still admittedly find this gross. Since probiotics are equally evidenced to be helpful in preventing pseudomembranous colitis caused by Clostridium difficile, why not just recommend probiotics in patients with multiple antibiotics? Or for practicality purposes, these fecal bacteria can be bioengineered into a probiotic solution so patient...
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