Sleep 101: How long is beneficial

Sleep 101: How long is beneficial

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Sleep is an essential part of life. Sleep duration among individuals may vary, but everyone needs some shut-eye to improve well-being and performance. But how much sleep does one really need for a person to gain health benefits?
17 Jul 2016 - General
Interestingly, the recommendations of this article coincides with most of the recommendations of renowned sleep researchers. There was a study conducted by Jerome Siegel's team (he's a famed sleep researcher), they studied sleeping patterns among primitive hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa. These tribes are not exposed to the industrialized setting. Subjects are completely reliant on natural light. On the average, these people has a sleep duration of 5.7-7.1 hours at night. Pre-industrial...
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As this article has pointed out, sleep is very important in our daily life. No matter how busy we are, we must ensure that our sleeping hours are well protected. But, sometime this is not always easy for healthcare professional that working in busy and hectic environment (starting early in morning and finishing late evening or at night !!!), and in the same time would need to accomplish continuous professional development like writing research/audit paper, keep up-to-date with latest journal ar...
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