Tips before working out!

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17 Jul 2016 - General
  • Avoid higher-fat meals for up to four hours before workouts

A high-fat meal blunts the ability of nitric oxide (NO) to dilate blood vessels for up to four hours. That means less blood flow to muscles and less of a muscle pump, which is even more costly if you've invested in an NO supplement. In the four hours before your workout, avoid eating large amounts of fats, such as the obvious fast-food fare and packaged foods, even if you are on mass-gainers.

  • Eat slow-digesting carbs before workouts

Slow-digesting carbs such as whole grains for breakfast and lunch has lower insulin levels and burns more fat during the day. You will tend to have more endurance and burns more fat during exercise compared to those who eat fast-digesting carbs such as white bread or plain bagels. Be sure that all the meals you eat before your workout, including the one immediately before, include about 40 grams of slow-digesting carbs such as oatmeal, sweet potatoes, fruit or whole-wheat bread.

  • Eat a green salad with your last whole-food meal before the gym

Consuming a small green salad with a high-fat meal prevented the adverse effects on blood vessel dilation. About two hours before you hit the gym, include a green salad with low-fat dressing with your meal.

What other kinds of food rich is slow digesting carbhydrates will you suggest I take? Is starch consider a form of low digesting carbohydrate as well since it is a complex carbohydrates or should it be taken with a lot of fiber to slow down the absorption? It looks like alot of stuffs to eat before hitting the gym. Green salad with slow digesting carbohydrates before workout is not really the sort of diet I look forward to before a gym session. Do you have other menus which is slightly more tant...
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